Steerable Sheath Solution

Category: Manufacturing and Assembly 

Manufacture and assembly of a new steerable sheath with exceptional control, delivery, and performance for a U.S. multinational

The Product

A U.S. multinational had developed a new steerable sheath for the cardiovascular catheter market which required support through to production. On sale internationally, the resultant product allows for intuitive steering and hassle-free control by clinicians in electrophysiology procedures. Engineered to reduce potential tangling with catheters and lab equipment, the final product allows for accurate and efficient catheter delivery even in the most difficult cases.

The Process

Synecco supported their client from concept design and development phases, through to the transfer to production and then finally into the production phase. At the transfer to production phase, Synecco engaged in tool validation including IQ, OQ, PQ and production release for the customer product. At the production phase, Synecco ensured timely order fulfilment to the client by executing on material lead-time management, managing quality control, providing certification of conformance sign off through to shipping support and delivery.

The Result

Synecco allowed for the multinational company, to add a new product with unique benefits to the market. This product ensures that this company maintains its position as a leader in the market – continually expanding its product line with new and innovative products to meet specific clinical needs.