Stent Introducer Mechanism

Category: Design & Engineering
High performance plastics engineering provided a stent solution that dramatically improved performance and controllability

This client is a U.S. medical device company specialising in minimally invasive treatments. Their stent introducer mechanism is at the heart of one of their highly successful stent delivery systems. The feel and control delivered by this mechanism has been instrumental in the uptake of the device in the market.

The Product

In minimally invasive surgery the quality, reliability, functionality and ease of use to external introducers and handlers were critical to the delivery of this project. Through a combination of good ergonomics and precision engineering, the final design offered a level of control and accuracy that lived up to the standards of the exceptional stent being deployed.

The Process

Critical to the success of a stent is its introducer. Because of the size of these devices (up to 270mm long and 7mm in diameter) and the significant forces on this particular introducer, this company engaged Synecco because of our reputation for high performance plastic engineering.

All of our considerable Innovative Problem-solving (TRIZ) capabilities were engaged to develop a solution that dramatically improved performance and controllability. Stent deployment involves a combination of mechanical leverage and fine motor skills. We developed a unique ratchet wheel design using Finite Element Analysis to simulate failure loads and fine tune mechanism geometries. Design for Manufacture in this case focused on robustness and process repeatability to eliminate the risk of failure.

The Result

The stent introducer mechanism for which Synecco designed and developed is now an integral part of this company’s stent delivery mechanisms which is available commercially in many of the major markets worldwide.

stent introducer system