Supply Chain

Offering an integrated and seamless supply chain solution to optimally deliver complete product at the lowest overall cost – ensuring that the right goods arrive in the right place, in the right condition at the right time. 

Synecco deliver a complete and seamless supply chain solution for our clients. We have experience managing the entire supply chain for complex devices where we combine our internal supply chain with external vendors to optimally deliver your complete product at the lowest overall cost. Whether it is a new-to-market product or a cost-reduction programme for an existing or next generation product, we develop the supply chain to best serve your needs.

medical device supply chain management service

Key Services Provided:

Vendor Vetting and Management
Order Fulfilment
Continuous Improvement
Inventory Management
Shipping Management
Global Logistics Co-ordination

Our supply chain management group is responsible for the identification and management of external vendors for your strategic and operational sourcing requirements. Our team and associated networks, built up over the past decade, manage all of the product elements and services required to deliver your complete product to your standards.

Managing lead time options through strategic management of inventory by holding material at optimal levels in the supply chain to maintain supply chain agility.

At Synecco we draw on our extensive network of partners in tooling, manufacturing and global logistics to create your ideal supply chain, with the shortest supply lead-time, lowest order lead-time, minimal stock and work in progress, all to the lowest total cost and expected highest quality. Our Asian facility in China allows you to tap into our local team of skilled engineers, quality and logistics experts.

Key Capabilities Employed:

Demand Management and Customer Service
Order Processing and Forecast Analysis
Forecasting End to End Scheduling
Launch Costing and Management
Relationship Management
Vendor Management

We source, manage the supply and preparation of raw materials at pre-production stage. We strive to ensure on-time availability of appropriate raw materials for production in appropriate condition.

Key Capabilities Employed:

Vendor Vetting
Supplier Management
Project Management
Consignment Stocking
Cost Optimisation
Inventory Management
Warehousing and Storage

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medical device supply chain management service