Packaging & Sterilisation

Bringing components together to assemble, package, label and where required, sterilise the end product. Where required, Synecco can provide turnkey Sterilisation Management services for our clients. Sterilisation processes require annual validation and review to demonstrate that such processes are working correctly and functioning within established norms. As part of our on-going offering to our clients, Synecco manages this service so that your sterilisation requirements are maintained and upheld. 

Synecco is happy to coordinate all test results and documentation and provide our clients with complete validation for their product and process. The experience Synecco have working with specialised sterilisation partners allows us recommend to our clients the best sterilisation solutions for their products. We can also work with the providers preferred by our clients when the sterilisation processes have already been validated.

medical device packaging

Key Services Provided:

Sterilisation Management
Gamma, ETO and E-Beam
Co-ordination of Test Results and Documentation for Complete Client Validation
Management of Validation and on-going Sterilisation Processes to Release Sterile Products
ISTA Testing
Accelerated Ageing and Shelf Life Studies
Environmental Testing
Complete Documentation and Traceability of Sterilisation Processes

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medical device packaging