High Precision Orthopaedic Kit

Category: Supply Chain
The nuts and bolts of supply chain management keeps client in good shape

The Product

Our client, a U.S. company, are experts in the deployment of shape memory polymers and metal alloys in the alignment of joints and the attachment of materials to bone in the human body.

Their metal products are complex, dynamic constructs typically manufactured in titanium and nitinol. Less sophisticated but equally important to any orthopaedic procedure are the secondary elements needed to both prepare or complete the surgical task.

The Process

This company is a significant player in cutting edge orthopaedics. Their brand is based on the efficacy and safety of their products and they trusted Synecco to deliver the right components at the right time and at an appropriate price point.

Synecco ensures that the company’s assembly, kitting and packaging specifications are executed with meticulous accuracy while controlled and verified through our Quality Management System.

The Result

Synecco’s expertise in finding a kitting solution for this client enabled us to provide them medical packaging solutions that were custom designed to offer optimal value. Synecco supplies kits that are made up of high-precision, fully validated drill bits and bio compatible screws for complex joint procedures in the human body. Synecco fulfilled the client’s needs to serve their specific market need.

high precidion orthopeadic kit
high precidion orthopeadic kit