Catheter Safety Syringe Valve

Designed and Engineered a unique medical device to improve patient safety for urinary catheter procedures

The Product

Urinary catherisation takes place when a tube is entered into the urethra to drain urine, a very common patient procedure that is normally carried out in hospitals and nursing homes. Synecco designed and engineered a Trans-Urethral Catheterisation Safety Syringe (TUCSS) valve system, for a medtech client. The TUCSS valve was designed and developed to allow improved patient safety and comfort for urinary catheterisation procedures. Urinary catheterisation can be not only an uncomfortable procedure, but sees almost 300,000 urethral injuries a year from improper catheter insertion.

Synecco designed a product for our client to overcome identified problems associated with urinary catheterisation procedures thereby avoiding any incorrect positioning of urinary catheters. The product has additional benefits whereby inadvertent inflation of the anchoring balloon in the urethra is prevented and a visual indicator is shown if the balloon is not appropriately placed.

The Process

Through the implementation of Synecco’s design process and human factors expertise, a user-centred solution was developed which ensured an optimised user experience for the patient. By understanding the needs of the market, novel device features were designed in to the device to allow for a simple and effective solution.

The solution highlights the effectiveness of our Inventive Problem-solving (TRIZ) and Design for Manufacture skills as well as our ability to seamlessly and successfully move into production and final assembly.

The Result

The TUCSS valve was successfully developed and made available to our client and the product is currently undergoing clinical trials in a number of hospital centres. Through the design, development and manufacture of a unique and effective clinical solution, the product won the inaugural Enterprise Ireland /Cleveland Clinical Innovation award for our client.

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