Aseptic Fluid Handling System

Category: Packaging & Sterilisation
Design, manufacture and assembly of a unique aseptic fluid handling system for enteral feeding market to disrupt the market and become an instant market leader

The Product

On sale throughout the U.S., Synecco developed and now manufactures a line of products that has helped make this company the fastest growing in their market. Enteral feeding is a challenge due, in many cases, to the size and frailty of the anatomy of patients and the risk of contamination in the feeding systems.

The Process

The minimising of human handling steps was the primary philosophy behind this portfolio of products. From the bottle that doubles up as a syringe to the self-righting syringe caps the result is a suite of products that clinicians quickly adapted to this product-line for their ease of use and reduction in opportunities for human error and contamination.

The solution highlights the effectiveness of our Inventive Problem-solving (TRIZ) and Design for Manufacture skills as well as our ability to seamlessly and successfully move into production and final assembly. Synecco exclusively supplies the range of products into the enteral neo-natal market for our client.

The Result

The unique line of products which were designed and developed in-house by Synecco are now commercially manufactured by us for our client. The range of products is now commercially available in the U.S., where our client has successfully positioned the products as those which were specifically designed to enhance safety, reduce contamination and improve outcomes of the patient.